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Please Critique My SFO Intinerary

My travel companion and me will be in San Fran from Aug 31 to Sept 6. This will be here first time there and it will be my second time; the first time was a really short 1 day business trip 8 years ago. I'm posting my itinerary so that you folks can provide me with any feedback you may have regarding traffic, food, walking from Chinatown back to the Westin Union Square, etc. The times are a place-holder and not hard and fast.

Sunday Aug 31
Take BART from SFO to Powell St Station SFO 12:47pm 1:17pm
Check-In at the hotel 1:32pm 2:00pm
Leave for Lunch 2:10pm
Late Lunch - Turtle Tower 645 Larkin St 2:30pm 3:30pm
Walk around the Ferry Building 3:50pm 4:20pm
Leave for Pier 33 Pier 33, The Embarcadero 4:25pm
Alcatraz Tour 5:20pm 8:45pm
Return to Hotel 9:30pm 9:50pm

Monday Sept 1
Leave to Pick-up Rental from Avis 675 Post St 8:00am
Drive to Rutherford Hill Winery 9:40am 11:00am
Winery Tour - Rutherford Hill Winery Napa Valley11:30am 1:00pm
Lunch- Farmstead 738 Main St, St Helena 1:20pm 2:20pm
Drive to San Francisco 2:25pm 4:45pm
Cako Bakery - Cupcakes 211 O'Farrell St 5:00pm 5:10pm
Drop Cupcakes off at Hotel 5:20pm 6:00pm
Walk around Chinatown 6:00pm 6:55pm
Dinner - Z&Y Chinese 655 Jackson St 7:00pm 8:00pm

Tuesday Sept 2
Breakfast - Dottie's Café 28 6th St 7:30am 8:30am
Drive to Julia Pfeiffer Burns Park Big Sur, CA 8:15am 11:15am
Hike 11:20am 3:20pm
Drive to 17 Mile Drive Pebble Beach, CA 3:30pm 4:40pm
Drive around 17 Mile Drive Pebble Beach, CA 4:40pm 5:40pm
Dinner- Pashionfish Pacific Grove, CA 6:40pm 7:40pm
Drive back to San Francisco 7:45pm 10:00pm
Arrive at the Hotel San Francisco, CA 10:00pm

Wednesday Sept 3
Return Rental Car to Avis 675 Post St 8:00am
Breakfast - Dottie's Café 28 6th St, 8:30am 9:30am
Ride Powell St Cable Car up to Hyde & Lombard 10:42am 11:00am
Take Pics at Lombard St switch-back 11:05am 11:20am
Fisherman's Wharf 11:20am 11:30am
Take pics of the Bay between pier 43 & 45 11:32am 11:40am
Walk to Ghirardeli Square 11:40am 12:00pm
Walk around Ghirardeli 12:03pm 12:13pm
Lunch - Blue Barn Gourmet 2105 Chestnut St 12:35pm 1:35pm
Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion Golden Gate Bridge2:20pm 2:45pm
Take Pics at the Golden Gate Bridge 2:55pm 3:55pm
Dinner - Nopa 560 Divisadero St, 7:30pm 8:30pm
Taxi to Hotel

Thursday Sept 4
Breakfast - Dottie's Café 28 6th St, 7:30am 8:30am
Hotel 8:45am 11:30am
Alamo Square - The Painted Ladies 11:55am 12:25pm
Lunch - Zuni Café 1:05pm 2:05pm
Dinner- La Ciccia 7:30pm 8:30pm

Friday Sept 5
Breakfast - Dottie's Café 28 6th St 7:30am 8:30am
Take BART to Berkeley Powell St BART St 10:00am 10:24am
Walk around Cal-Berkeley Berkeley, CA 10:35am 12:35pm
Take BART to 19th St BART St 12:45pm 12:55pm
Lunch - Stag's Lunchette Oakland, CA 1:00pm 2:00pm
Dinner - Gitane 6 Claude Lane, San Fracisco, CA 8:00pm 9:00pm

Saturday Sept 7
Take BART to Airport Powell St Bart Station 6:55am
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