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Originally Posted by lougord99 View Post
But I'm curious. You are describing a behavior/situation that we are unfamiliar with. Are you saying that AA will print 'TSA PRE' on your boarding pass, but that sometimes that designation is not in the bar code even if it is printed on the boarding pass?

I don't think any of us are saying that WN doesn't have the same situation. I just don't think anyone here actually reads their bar codes.

As an aside, how do you read your bar code?
It's possible, yes, but a lot of the circumstances under which it happens are unlikely to be found on Southwest. There can be mismatches between what a mobile and paper BP indicate, if a partner airline prints a BP for you instead of AA, etc.

The Manatee Works scanner app is a popular one to read printed BPs (PDF417 barcode format), and I like to use NeoReader to read screenshots of my mobile BPs (Aztec format). On AA, the 104th character will indicate the number of beeps you'll receive (3 for LLL, 0 if not eligible) -- very easy to spot once you know where to look.
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