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Originally Posted by HoKo View Post
But there is also a risk that you show up and the hotel can't/won't honor the rate and it quickly turns into a stressful situation that derails a good chunk of your holiday.
Yes, the risk is there and if you can't accept it you should not book this kind of deals.

You writing or calling the property in advance is certainly not going lower the risk for being rejected at check-in - on the contrary! One thing is showing up at check-in and expecting to given the room you have booked, but asking the hotel to confirm to you in writing in advance that your rate will be honored is pushing it to the limit and is asking for problems. Just my cent...

Originally Posted by HoKo View Post
Of course since you aren't one of the first people checking in you would advocate for the 'wait-and-see' approach but your interests don't necessarily align with mine or anyone else's so perhaps you should keep that in mind next time before you speak up.
I really don't care if you call or ask in advance as it is unlikely to affect my bookings later on; I was merely trying to put my self in the shoes of one the first persons to check-in on this deal; what to do to improve the chances of not being rejected at check-in - and I still believe that writing or calling the hotel in advance asking whether the rate will be honored, is very risky.

Yes, you might get a positive reply and everthing is good, you can relax etc, but what would you do if the answer is No??
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