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Originally Posted by mgcsinc View Post
This thread is surprisingly light on information about seats in Y. Bizarrely light.

Please to rank the following sets of seats:

- 16ABKL
- 16DEF
- 28AL
- 26BK
- 26DEF
This depends on personal preference to some degree. I was on a recent flight in 17L and made the following observations.

All row 16 seats are bulkhead with same legroom. I would say you have more knee room than you would in other rows, but you can't slide feet under seat in front (of course), so that may make it feel less roomy. There's a fair degree of galley noise in Row 16 and 17.

Row 28 DEF appears to be the same as Row 16DEF in terms of distance from seat to bulkhead.

Row 28AL are "window" seats with a modest slide protrusion-maybe 6 inches. The legroom is still decent even with that, and you could angle your legs. The seats are near the lavs, so there's that as a drawback.

Row 28BK are aisle seats with nearly infinite legroom because of exit row, although infinity can be cut short by people waiting for lav.

One other note on Row 16AL and 17AL - both have a window gap, meaning that there's only one window instead of two, towards the front of the seat area. The rear is just wall, which means if you lean your head against the wall while sleeping you may prefer it as compared to having a window.
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