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Originally Posted by nsx View Post
I have heard this one before but I don't understand it. Can you explain what the restrictions are and why?
Maybe restrictions is not quite the right word, and I don't have any specific data but...

1. There seems to have been a move towards more regimentation and command & control as compared to the Herb era when it was do the right thing and get it done. Employee flexibility and latitude has been reduced in favor of management structure.

2. Pilots complain that they do their best to make up time and arrive early to find that their gate is still occupied but they can't use adjacent open gates. This might be to the result of reduced ground ops manning and just not having and ops agent and rampers that can bring the aircraft in.

3. I have heard that there is a system in place where rampers etc. work their zone only and are not allowed to help out other gates. This doesn't make sense to me, and it is heresay info.

4. There might be a sense of it is better to have one flight delayed than to have two flights delayed due to splitting of resources.

5. The company has been dragging its feet with regards to labor negotiations. This may have resulted in employee groups including ramp and ops agents not going the extra mile as they would have under Herb.

6. In general there is a clash between the old "Herb" school folks and the new management folks on how to best get work done. VdV is seen as the Rasputin in the mix, but as you once noted times have changed.

Talking about gates... One of the early first hire captains was Salazar, a Cuban, known as Salli. He liked to taxi fast as most did. Sometimes he was going too fast to stop at the assigned gate in Dallas, so he would just go to the next gate or the gate after that. The ops agent would make a laconic gate change announcement. No biggie. The airline used to give out turkeys for Christmas. When Putnam was CEO, he substituted a record of Xmas songs (I think featuring his daughter.) Salli opened up the cockpit window and made a few remarks about the XXX record and sailed it out the window and out over the ramp.
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