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Truncated surname on air line ticket.

Hi all,

I just booked my tickets to Colombo from London Heathrow and realised that my surname has been truncated 3 character from the end. This is because I've got a very long surname. So instead of what should be R******************AGE the ticket reads R******************A. I am assuming this is because of system character restrictions.

Would this be a huge problem?

I am not sure where my paranoia comes from really as I have travelled internationally, various times in the last 10 years with shortened versions of my name, abbreviated versions, wrong spellings etc. but have never been told off or denied boarding! I've spoken to the airline and they said it COULD be a problem, but, if you didn't have trouble before you PROBABLY might not have trouble this time. They have added a note on my ticket to say its missing the last two letters.

I am flying emirates and although I have travelled a lot in the last 10 years, I have never flown Emirates.This is probably why I am paranoid.

Any input is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
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