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Originally Posted by happy9zz View Post
Current loan amount on all open accounts:
Do you have any big loan amounts such as: home loan, auto loan, student loan? if there is balance on credit cards, will it be considered a loan?

Too many requests for credit or reviews of credit:
Do Chase mean "hard pulls" on your credit report?
To answer these questions from BRC01's letter

I had the 12 of the same letters sent to me - two for each of my six personal cards, one stating that they pulled my TU score, the other that they pulled EX.

I had 55% utilization report on two of my higher CL cards when they did their soft pull, which reported me as having ~15% of my RAI as outstanding debt. For someone with my profile (young, male, moves a lot) that looks pretty risky.

They also didn't like that I had 10 inquiries on EX. I thought I was around 6, but it turns out a few people (mortgage brokers) did HP without me knowing. I'm upset about that, but since the guy I worked with there now left the company, I'm rather out of luck.

I did manage to get my points out - as I had called them the day of shutdown, the online portals hadn't been closed and I took the points as Gift Cards/checks. The GCs came within 5 days, the checks took 15 calendar days.

I'm in the process of cleaning up my TU report (their HP appear on there as well) and should be done within the next 2 weeks. At that time, I'm going to freeze EX, call them back up, and have a little chat. It'll be about 50 days after account closing, and within the 30-60 day time frame they recommended I had to fix EX's excess HPs. I'm not sure how they'll handle having to look at TU (although it helps that the mortgage guy is gone, it's a legit excuse), and they already have my explanation of spending (AGCs, CVS) on file.

One nice thing is I did end up getting miles posted for my last statements - I'd heard that it didn't work out that way, and was pleasantly surprised at my SWRR numbers.

We'll see how the chat goings. If I can't persuade them to open my freedom account back up (one of my oldest CCs), I'll take to Twitter/FB. While they've said I engage in 'risky' behavior (which I'm starting to think is their word for MS), I'll have a clean TU and my utilization levels at 0%.

I'll report back when something changes.
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