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The situation today with unlicensed Cuba travel and CBP officers has some similarities with flight attendants and the seat belt sign. Sometimes the pilots leave that sign on way too long after take off. The air is smooth and the FAs have been walking around for more than 10 minutes.

Someone who really has to use that lav should just go. Don't ask the FA for permission -- you're putting the FA in a difficult spot with that. You're asking them for permission to break a rule. That's a lot different than if they simply look the other way as you use the lav (in my experience, they nearly always look the other way when the FAs are walking around and there is no significant turbulance).

I really don't think CBP agents want you to tell them about your unlicensed Cuba trip. Doing so puts them on notice of probable violation of federal law. They will likely feel a lot of pressure to make some inquiries.
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