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Originally Posted by cascade View Post
I use excel currently, was seeing if there was a site similar to creditkarma that could just pull this information to validate my manual tracking of it.
Be careful, the dates shown on credit reports may not exactly match the dates as the bank sees it. The people who run credit bureaus are not into the precise timing needed for things like spend thershold deadlines or inter-application clocks. For their purposes, "rounded" numbers (including dates) are fine. For churning purposes, though, you may need exact dates.

Now, if you have lost all your own information for a particular card, you can try using your credit reports as a fallback, but you need to kind in mind that the dates there may not be as accurate as if you had kept track of it yourself.

But there's no magic "site" for it; it's your credit reports that have this information, however you access them.
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