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AY+ elite (unofficial) "soft perks"

After lately reading a nice AY trip report I just thought how demanding customer I might be towards AY (reportedly some others here as well ) so I thought to give some positive feedback instead. I tried to look for a thread with Soft product experiences where AY does a good job or gives (especially unofficial) elite recognition.

I could find one link here but nothing of a "generic thread"

IMO AY does a good job on "soft" elite recognition on some areas.

One example is "soft seat blocking" or exit-row blocking for elites. I have found by experience from my times as basic/silver/gold that they really try to keep the neighbour seat free and block exit row seats for elites until the end of check-in. I have got many times free seat next to me as Silver, even better so as Gold. I have also seen several times my Platinum colleaques having the last remaining seat (exit seat!) blocked on otherwise full plane. ^^

Another recent experience I had: I just turned Silver->Gold and had a flight to take my wife to Paris. Gold level not yet updated on my account, I simply called the AY Gold service number and explained: account not yet updated, but the last qualifying flight just taken, is there any way to fix an upgrade by vouchers for the upcoming HEL-CDG flight? The agent thought a while: "well, I can upgrade you with the points and see to it next week to reinstate those points back and deduct the vouchers when your account is updated to Gold". And she did ^

3rd experience I have seen many times are the newspapers, which are not anymore free in Y. I have never got a free newspaper as Silver, but on my latest flight the FA unexpectedly tapped on my shoulder "would you like a newspaper as gold member?". A few weeks ago I was flying with a Plat colleaque - while he was sleeping, the FA came to him and silently added newspapers to his seat pocket just like that ^

You might have more experiences to share and may moderators move this thread if it belongs better elsewhere
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