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This may have been true in the past with great (OK good) FF programs, times have changed. Spirit has claimed that United's unit costs are 89% higher than its own. If true watch out on the domestic side.

As far as a dollar store VS Macys = UA is the new Sears (in the middle). Ad slogans "Solid as Sears" or "The Friendly Skies".

Best move I made several years ago was buying ALGT, Spirit and DL shares. AA is also working very well.

Spirit/Frontier could become a huge airline. Times change. I'm just saying you read it hear first. Mark your calendar. 4/28/2014.

I do not fly ALGT, Spirit or Frontier. I fly in FC on the best carriers in the World. I just have been lucky with these airlines (investing).
I don't think FF programs has anything to do with an airlines cost structure, but I agree that ULCCs will grow. The question is will the traffic come at the expense of legacy carriers, or from the traditional LCCs like Southwest and JetBlue?

I can't disagree with the wisdom in buying ALGT, SAVE and DAL - all have had great performance and I can't argue with the success of their business plans. Then again, what do most of your comments have to do with UAL?
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