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Originally Posted by nsx View Post
Transfer points to bring your credits up to 16 now. Buy points in the current sale if you need to. Then move the 16 credits to AirTran, back to Southwest (resetting their expiration), then back to AirTran. Leave them there and they will become points in November.
NSX-I have a similar situation with plans on similar moves but would appreciate your thoughts:

1) Currently have 2 A+ credits set to expire July 1, 2014
2) Prior to July 1, will transfer these 2 A+ credits to WN for 2 WN credits
3) Will transfer 16,800 WN points (which equals 14 WN credits) to bring total WN credits to 16 and a WN Standard Reward will automatically be issued with an expiration date of one year (i.e. July 1, 2015)
4) Will transfer the WN Standard Reward back to Airtran (16 A+ credits)
5) On Nov 2nd my 16 A+ credits will be automatically credit back to WN as 19,200 SW points

My question in regards to your earlier response is why you recommend a transfer back to WN after you transfer them once to Airtran? You mention reset of exp date but I thought the exp date would be reset for one year when the 16 WN credits are converted to a WN Standard Reward?

I am fairly new to this so I appreciate your input-Thanks
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