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Originally Posted by nsx View Post
If you WANT to convert your RR credits to points, move them to AirTran and leave them there. If you want them to remain as credits, leave them in RR and cross your fingers.
I wish it were that simple - I have 3 credits expiring in June and the other 4 not until after November 2nd. So, there's no real benefit either way. If they stay in RR, what happens to those 4 credits after 11/2? Thus, I posed the question. If they are moved back to A+, I'll get the equivalent in points and I'm officially upgraded to RR 2.0 for better or worse.

But this brings up another point - when A+ Rewards is gone, you can no longer accumulate credits - because that option is long gone on WN and with A+ going away, there would be no way to accumulate credits anymore. I'm sure there will be people with less than 16 credits in their accounts - not sure how many but probably not a few. And if earned through the Chase AirTran card, they have a 2-year expiration. You won't be able to purchase (if necessary) points to convert to credits as that option will be gone, so you're essentially stuck with a FF currency, I. e. credits that you can't use - unless WN makes an announcement that any remaining credits ALREADY in the RR system will be converted as well. I don't see how they can resolve this any other way without pissing off a bunch of people with credits they can't use.
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