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Originally Posted by Phoenixtinct View Post
Not necessarily. If you transfer 16 A+ credits, you have a Standard award, if you transfer less than that, you just have converted A+ credits into old RR credits. That's it. I currently have 7 of those. If I move them back to A+ Rewards, on November 2nd, they will be converted to points but if I don't, what happens after November 2nd? Will they just sit there in my RR account until used? This is what I'd like addressed.
I'd like to see it addressed too.

The assumption is that the existing credits will remain in your RR account and can later be topped off using RR points, as you can do currently.

I wouldn't rule out a similar conversion of existing RR Credits to points, but that hasn't been announced as far as I know.

Making too many changes all at once would seem a huge risk so If a conversion of RR credits and Awards is made I expect it will be later, but that's just my speculation and my track record on A+/RR is not that good.
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