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Originally Posted by Phoenixtinct View Post
There is one more issue that needs to be addressed. This e-mail discusses what happens to A+ credits on November 2nd, however, I transfer those A+ credits as soon as earned to my Rapid Rewards account. So, what happens to the credits in the Rapid Rewards programs after November 2nd? Does the elimination of A+ affect those? If not, Standard Awards will still be around until those credits expire. Otherwise, Southwest might also decide - at some point - to convert any remaining credits in the RR programs to points as well but I haven't seen an announcement to that effect yet.
If you transferred any A+ credits to RR you have Standard Awards...(there was no way to transfer to anything less) those are good 1 year from issue date regardless of the original A+ credits expiration date.

Unless through the end of October you convert back to A+ and back to new Standard Award with a fresh issue date. nsx addressed this in point number three and then read back to number one.
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