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Originally Posted by exmike View Post
what was your MS pattern??
It was probably due to my personal card (Amazon) hitting 2x of my pathetic 5K CL in mostly pharmacy spend of almost 10K. Statement closed on 4/21, Chase SPd my reports on 4/22 and today 4/23 already reported closed by credit grantor using Experian backdoor. Coincidence?

My business card was only at 7K spend this month well under CL but all those office supply promotions since the beginning of the year totaled up to roughly 25K spend. Account was at 139K UR points.

It was fun while it lasted, I got all my points redeemed/transferred out on both cards so no biggie. Chase is so greedy with APRs on personal cards it's a good riddance. A little sentimental to have the biz card go.

No checking accounts with them, had personal/business a few years ago that I closed since I didn't ever use them after they nerfed debit card rewards in 2011.
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