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Im on the same boat too as OP. Will hit 100k by mid May. And still have another 3 TPAC/Lat. America AC flights after that (just to burn eupgrade credits).

Was hoping if someone can recommend another alliance to dump my other flights mainly from CEB or HKG to E.U....Was thinking of CX or QR or EK. Would prefer EK as RT business class from mnl to e.u. is 2600$ approx...but i always bring priscription sleeping pills with me, so that worries me taking a middle eastern airline...

After reading so many posts, im slowly seeing the light that it doesnt make sense to be loyal to just one airline/alliance when I can get CX J class or KE J for $3600 from CEB-YVR vs. $2100 AC flex HKG-YVR + $300 CEB-HKG + $500 2 nights stay in HKG...(ok, i admit ill still stick with AC but only up 101k starting next year and no more than that)

So any airline recommendations that's not star alliance from ceb/mnl/hkg to e.u. that has great loyalty program benefits? Or should i just maintain my SE status by reaching the minimum and anything over 100k, ill vote with my wallet and fly the cheapest business class available to e.u.?
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