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Christmas Eve, LAX - MSP. 757, I was upgraded to the last row of first and worst DYKWIA I've seen yet was in row 2. I recall him being very rude in flight, and demanded a PDB before it could be offered. Also, I was offended by his gold slacks (I don't care if you're from LA, dude -- you look like a psycho).

I was caught in conversation with 4D and didn't notice DYKWIAgoldpants push past us towards the middle boarding door. FA opens the door and passengers from economy begin to exit. At this point, I hear him exclaim:

"You're blocking the wrong cabin! Do I really need to tell you how to do your ***'ing job? You need to stop these people and let me off first." And then he called her another choice name or two.

At this point I was faced with a choice: publicly shame the DYKWIA or console the FA. I stepped out of the aisle and filled out a JWD certificate. I wish I would have found him in the terminal afterward. Merry Christmas indeed.
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