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It was a dark and stormy night. Jake, a marketing manager at Citi, sipped a complimentary Bud Light at an undisclosed secure location in a DFW admiral's club, answering texts from his wife - 'Yes, I just got on a plane to spend a night with a stranger in Dallas.' 'I don't even know if it's a girl or a guy.' 'It's just business, I'll be home tomorrow.'

Suddenly, Jake realized the club was empty except for him and the bartender. He went to the door, but it was locked.

‘You aren’t going anywhere, son, sit down!’ said the bartender. ‘You can call me Dougie.’
‘OK, Dougie, whoever you are, why did AA drag me to Dallas?’
‘Just pipe down and listen here, son. I own this AAirport, and the whole damn metroplex except that little cancer they call Love Field. Now you know how you use our miles to lure unsuspecting suckers into paying you 24% interest, right?’
‘And you know how you pay $600 every time you hand out 50,000 miles?’
‘Yes, of course. What’s the point?
‘Listen up, Jake, we’re gonna make history. Can you imagine how many suckers you could get to sign up and pay you good money for cards if 100,000 miles only cost you $100?’
‘But that would be ridiculous! You’d lose money!’
‘Son, I still have the first nickel I earned selling watered-down lemonade. You let me worry about the money.’
‘OK, I don’t understand, but yeah, we could make a killing.’
‘All right, Son, you go move some miles. Until the day I tell you to stop. And this conversation never happened. We wouldn’t want anything unfortunate to happen to one of your flights sometime, would we?’
‘No,’ Jake gulped.
‘All right then, Son, you go along over to the Hyatt and catch the first flight home tomorrow. It’s on me. And one more thing you didn’t hear here: book yourself an Explorer Award already!’

The club door opened as if by magic, and Jake found himself riding a handicapped cart to the Hyatt Regency DFW. And the rest, as they say, is history!
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