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I second the guidebook recommendation, well worth it.

I've been to the Big island twice, so have a little experience. For the beach Kona are is best (West), the volcano national park is in the South East, Waipio Valley is in the NE, the mountain is slap bang in the middle. It is a very big island. Personally I say near Kona and drive everywhere, but a couple of days near the national park could also be nice. Would you be comfortable doing 5-6 hours driving in a day? If not you could always stay just south of Hilo, there is a beautiful botanical garden on the coast up north of Hilo as well.

If you are racking up spend on things like hotels or other travel expenses I recommend picking up the Barclaycard Arrival Credit Card. It comes with a $450 rebate (effectively) on travel expenses if you spend $3k in the first 3 months. I just used it to get $400 rebate against my $700 deposit on accommodation for my third trip to the big island.

If you have any specific questions do let us know!

P.S. if you want to there is a great B&B in the hills behind Kona, it is the best reviewed B&B in Hawaii, and top 10 in the US according to trip adviser. It's here if you are interested I've been twice, and will be returning.
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