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Milesnut: I think it's easier just to find and delete your zoomerang cookie(s), which you can do through start, find, then type zoomerang OR, windows explorer, C:, windows, cookies, find the www.zoomerang and delete it. Then go refresh your regular mypoints member key. If you're not using IE, this won't help but maybe someone else can help you. Let us know how you make out.

ALSO, the last couple of days when I've gone to Zoomerang (after making sure my member key was active) I found a couple of separate links off to the right for mypoints members -I clicked there before beginning my survey and the points have showed up overnight in my regular mypoints account.

Today I also signed up to receive surveys, which offered 50 points. On the off chance that they'll pay 50 points for each survey I answer, I'm going over to OMNI and start a thread about volunteering to receive Zoomerang surveys, and will send mine to anyone who sends me one - it looks like it should be fairly easy to set up a group send, although I haven't actually tried it.

Good luck to all, Ingrid
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