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Originally Posted by Jasper2009 View Post
Itīs not a good deal for the hotel if they can actually sell the nice suites to someone (which quite likely is the case in the Rockies in summer).
I would agree with you if I was talking about a discounted upgrade, but I'm talking about paying the full incremental price difference. By using a Suite upgrade, the hotel has already given me the discount to move up to the Jr. Suite category. That discount isn't going away, whether they sell me an upgrade or I simply stay in the Jr. Suite. However, if I buy a further upgrade without additional discount, they're getting full price for the incremental space they are renting me.

I'm sure the hotel is capable of selling the remaining 1-bedroom suite, however, I also suspect they would be just as capable of selling the Jr. Suite as well. So, whether I stay put in the Jr. Suite and someone else pays for the 1-Bed Suite or they allow me to pay up to the 1-Bed Suite and they sell my original Jr. Suite to someone else, the hotel is collecting the same revenue across the same rooms. But under my scenario, I'm offering them the additional revenue now, leaving only the cheaper room to sell later--it gets them that much closer to the same goal. So I really don't see how it costs them anything.
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