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Originally Posted by jovan_grbic View Post
This picture was discussed and dismissed 5+ pages ago. The raft in the picture is a shipboard raft, not an aviation one. 777 rafts are yellow and much larger than your standard ship life raft. They look something like this:
Or in the case of slide-rafts:
The upper picture is not accurate. Similar types of raft are found on ETOPS certified narrow bodied aircraft uncheck as the A320 or 737, but only carried on ETOPS aircraft, not all. The LOWER PICTURE is far more accurate. Albeit a little small (the picture that is).

The one on the left below is accurate but is a training rig. Hence the black netting on the sides is not present on the real thing.

Here is a video that goes some way to explaining what I mean. Looks like a Continental visitors day, but a descent explanation of the difference. She is standing in front of a 757 slide raft with the canopy already set up. On the 777 the canopy and survival pack are located in the overhead stowage above the door.

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