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OK, let me add couple lines regarding telecom. I've spent number of years working at telecom, while it is not my primary specialization at this moment, nothing has changed last several years.

First of all, as it was said before - if phone rings, or, better to say - if you hear ringback, that does not really mean anything. (telecom) Network equipment determines a lot of things this days and multiple intermediary devices can generate ringback even before request reaches the phone. This method is used in google voice for example - you will hear ringback pretty much immediately while call setup is still in progress.

Secondly, if phone is called, all network operators can trace the call, not only signaling part, but content if required (google CALEA). Network operator always can identify which cell tower is used to handoff the call to the end user device. Which would pinpoint the location of the phone within 2-5 miles radius.

Thirdly, as it was already pointed - if you have ringback after three days, this is something very unusual here. W/o airline mode 'on' a phone in search of a signal would discharge in several hours maximum. And even if there was signal available all the time (how??) standby mode would not be three days for sure, unless you use some >10y old Nokias which had standby time of two-three weeks.

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