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#1 - In my experience, Chrome is a headache whenever you need to do more than the basics with PDFs and Flash content (JetBlue's web checkin is Flash-based). That's why I keep Firefox around; I have fewer issues with Firefox than any other browser.

#2 - I haven't had a B6 PNR with more than one traveler on it so far, but I'm wondering whether that issue is also specific to Chrome.

#3 - Jeez. Yeah, that's a real nit-pick

#4 - Getting PreCheck on B6 isn't very predictable. My wife and I traveled to TPA recently (separate PNRs; last-minute decision), and she got PreCheck on both the outbound and return. I only received it on the return, and I've been traveling on B6 weekly since the beginning of November. She hasn't flown since 2012.

My success rate with PreCheck so far is roughly 30%, but PWM wasn't equipped to support PreCheck for B6 until fairly recently. Hopefully my luck will improve
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