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Originally Posted by RSSrsvp View Post
Folks, this is the DYKWIA thread and it would be appreciated if you would stay on topic.
Sorry, RSSrsvp, but I am about to take this off topic by telling a DYKWMCI (Do You Know Who My Coat Is?) story.

Last week, I flew TLV-MXP on El Al with my daughter. When making the reservations, we asked for aisle (for me) window (for her) seats in the same row. We were able to get them for the return flight but the only ones they had available for the outbound were in the exit rows. These are considered "preferred" seats and cost more but I was able to upgrade them with some orphaned El Al FF points that I have.

We were on the left hand side of the aisle. The row on the right hand side of the aisle was empty until shortly before boarding ended. A woman from several rows up put her coat on the aisle seat and announced that the seat now belonged to her.

She returned to her own seat, waiting for boarding to end, and a gentleman came in holding a boarding pass for my seat. As we were both assigned to the same one, we asked an FA if that right hand row would remain empty. She said it would and that the other gentleman could take the aisle seat there.

The coat thrower was furious! She claimed that her coat reserved that seat for her. The FA explained that no "preferred" seat is given to anyone who didn't pay extra for it.

"I'm travelling with a group," the coat thrower told her. "I'm not in charge of buying the tickets and it is not my fault that the woman who is didn't pay more for our seats. Speak with her, but I am sitting there."

The other gentleman asked, "Is your coat really sitting in that seat?"

"Yes," she insisted.

"Fine," he told her, "then I will simply sit on your coat."

The FA did her best to hold in the laughter while this woman went ballistic. Finally, however, faced with choice of sitting in her assigned seat or walking to Milan, she backed down -- but spent much of the flight standing in the aisle complaining to all of the other people in the group about how "her" seat was stolen.
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