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End Of Chilean Reciprocity Fee! [Entry into US Visa Waiver Program Feb 2014]


Believe it. They have stopped charging the reciprocity fee for American citizens. I arrived to SCL this afternoon on an international flight and noticed that the signs showing foreign countries subject to the reciprocity fee have been altered to erase the American flag and the amount that was being charged to American passport holders entering Chile.

Over the years I have seen many posts about "gringo taxes" and the Chilean government "allegedly" levying a reciprocal charge on holders of foreign passports whose governments oblige Chilean citizens to obtain entry visas. The speed with which the government of Chile has eliminated the reciprocity fee on American citizens is testimony to the fact that all along, the reciprocity fee was just that, nothing more and nothing less. Many uppity Americans owe Chile an apology.

Now, I wonder what the Canadian government will do? The Chilean government continues to levy the reciprocity fee on Canadian passport holders because the Canadian government continues to require Chileans to obtain an entry visa prior to traveling to Canada. Why does the Canadian government do this? Because the Canadian refugee system is dysfunctional: the Canadian government cannot summon the wherewhithal to return (bogus) Chilean refugee claimants immediately to their country, which is a fully functional democracy with a vibrant economy. So to avoid the hassle of dealing with a few kids who might arrive claiming refugee status just for an adventure, the Canadian government continues to impose entry visa requirements on Chilean citizens, and so the Chilean government for the time being will continue to charge the reciprocity fee.

Stay tuned...the Canadian government may yet come to its senses.

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