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Originally Posted by lcag08 View Post
That doesn't make any sense. Of course the non-refundable rate on the 3rd party website ($x) will be cheaper than the daily rate on the Hyatt website ($y). They're not going to then allow you to book a non-refundable rate on the Hyatt website for $x * 80%.

Without knowing the definitive answer, I'd suspect that if Hyatt isn't offering a non-refundable rate (for whatever reason), then you wont be able to price match any non-refundable rates you may find.
Don't you think that Hyatt would rather have your money locked in at a non-refundable rate, regardless if it's 20%+ cheaper? Your odds of keeping that room and staying with them skyrocket, which leads to additional spending at the hotel, etc. It's better than a vacant room, which is most likely an option during the time when you find great, cheap rates at third party sites.

Hyatt routinely now uses the terms of the rate that you find.
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