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Originally Posted by mrtibbs1999 View Post
Jan, thanks for destroying the argument about spending a bit of time on FT getting in the way of doing something productive. Enjoy
+1 ^

Haha, every first rate tech person I have met in the last 10 years seems to have developed a deep understanding of the transportation industry, and in particular how to make the airline system work for them. FT is an excellent source for gaining an intuition into things like assimilation of lots of data (weather, pax loads, capacity, aircraft utilization, CASM etc etc), integer programming (and optimization in general), forecasting, and good old fashion tech smarts. I tend to think the airline industry is also a good leading indicator of economic trends (like unbundling), and those who adapt to it have a significant advantage. What do they say, "time is short, waste it wisely." I'd say jkb76 and surely many other FT'ers have wasted their time wisely!
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