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I had a Eurolines bus to catch near Nice Airport, which was leaving at around midnight. There was a bus from the city centre to get to the airport, a "fast" bus and a local bus. The last "fast" bus left at around 9, whereas the local bus would leave at around 11pm which I thought was perfect. Turns out that local bus, the exact same route I took arriving into Nice didn't stop near the airport past a certain time on Sunday nights (nothing on the bus sign indicated this, and yes, I can read French.) I was informed of that by an extremely rude bus driver. I ended up having to take a taxi and paid 60 euros for that short, 5km ride, which was more expensive than the bus ticket from Nice to Barcelona.

On the same trip (just 3 nights) later, I was having a very good night out in the city. I had a high speed train to catch to Valencia at about 7am, so I figured I would take a quick nap when I got back. Unfortunately I didn't realize I set my alarm to PM, not AM and slept until 11AM. Another expensive mistake, considering I forfeited a 40 EUR train ticket (saver rate) and had to buy a new one.

My worst mistake I've ever made was when I was at the Brussels-South train station after having gotten off the Eurostar. I decided to hit up the cash machine for 100 EUR. In my daze, I accidentally keyed in an extra zero and got 1,000 EUR. Someone must have noticed and followed me into the metro. I noticed 2 guys trying to block my way on the escalator, whom I pushed away. On the train, these same people came up to me and literally just started pushing and throwing me to the ground. Obviously, my wallet was gone with all my cash and cards. Everyone who stood around just shrugged and said "it happens." Same with the useless Brussels police force.

Thinking about the incident today still makes me angry.

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