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Originally Posted by tranthutrang View Post
In 2010, I arrived at at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. After having my immigration clearance done, I finally found the elevator to the basement to take the train to city's center. I walked in the elevator with many other passengers, didn't notice that it's two sided opening. I was standing there, turning my back to one of the two button boards and thought that I should reach another board which was behind five or six burly persons. Nobody pressed the button I would like to press. I asked a man near the board to press it for me. He looked at me as if I had twenty eyes and ten noses, but helped me though. Then, when the elevator stopped for the first time (not my desired level), half of the passengers got out. And I realized I was blocking their exit. It's the first time I travel abroad.
"Blocking the Exit", ohhh I have same experience at the airport. Dual door elevator always confuses me.
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