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Lightbulb Alarm snooze button for early flight is a bad idea

Years ago, I had a fabulous last night in Nice at a bar. I'm a night owl and would much rather stay up all night rather than awaken at three or four in the morning for a very early morning departure. Arriving back at the hotel after 2:00, I thought I'd try to sleep for an hour. I think that I even had the desk call me to wake me up but I still relied on the alarm on the bedside table. I hit the snooze button and awakened around 5 with the awareness--oh my God I only have about two hours before departure. Ran around my room to gather my belongings, asked the hotel to call a taxi and I begged the driver if he was sure he could rush to the airport on time. Naturally, he said sure. I paid a huge taxi fee and made it about 45 minutes before departure. Even with carry-on only, the counter agent said that they closed the flight one hour ahead and they would not let me board. I had to pay another taxi to get me back to the hotel, paid for hotel, change fee, another airport transport and flew out the next day. A very, very pricey last evening out.
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