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Had an experience somewhat similar to Patricks a few years ago, fortunately for me I caught my mistake late at night the day before my trip. It was to a client in Kentucky, but I had used the address on my contact's card and NOT where the meeting was to be held with the entire client company, I realized the hotel distance from the airport and it was NOT just a few minutes as I had been told, it was across the state! Going back through the emails I found the actual meeting site, and was able to make a change (with resultant fees back then as a non-elite) to the correct airport, but, thank goodness I did check!

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A few years back I was traveling back to back weeks for work and booking travel through one of our administrative assistants. I had them book an upcoming trip from DEN to SNA. I got to the airport, checked-in, checked my bag, boarded my flight. It wasn't until I was half way into the flight and talking with one of the other passengers that I realized I was on a plane to SJC, NOT SNA, my reservation had been incorrectly booked. I had a customer appointment in Orange County the next morning that I could not miss. I grabbed my bag, had a co-worker book me a one-way rental car, and I drove overnight all the way to Orange County, was an hour late to the customer appointment but made it, I had a full 8 hour work day, then went to my hotel and collapsed. The next night we drove my one-way rental to LAX and dropped it off. I booked a one-way back to DEN from SNA. That week sucked!

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