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Thanks to everyone for your thoughts, suggestions and comments regarding Evolve Money. I've looked at some of the questions following my last post and have a few answers below. Also, if you have any questions about payments or your account in general please don't hesitate to contact our customer service group. ****I don't review private messages often enough **** and most of the time my suggestion is to call customer service anyway since they have the resources and tools to look into your account and help you.

On to the questions...

$1,000 Limit
I mentioned it in my last post. We are working on increasing this for certain payments. Check back on our site (, @EvolveMoney on twitter or at often. We'll let you know when its coming.

What we consider good and bad payments
A lot of questions are regarding what we consider good/bad behavior when paying bills. Instead of going into detail about where we set limits let me put it this way... Evolve Money was built so that everyone can pay their everyday bills with whatever payment source they have available. So stick to paying your regular bills like cable, mortgage, car loan, utilities, gas, electricity, wireless phone, insurance and others like those and there should be nothing to worry about. Regardless of whether you pay with your debit card, gift card or cash.

Adding and removing providers
We periodically add new service providers when we can (over 550 coming in the next few weeks). However, we sometimes have to deactivate other providers from our system for various operational reasons. That said, we work very hard to try and provide our customers access to as many providers as we can and often re-enable providers when possible. We hope to be able to re-enable some of the loan providers we deactivated in the last few weeks.

Providers not in our system
If you have a provider not in our system (property management company for example) just go to the Feedback form either on our website (look at the footer) or in the App and provide us with that information. We will be adding a new form on the search page in the next week which will allow you to do it directly from there. Once we know who, we can work to try and add them into our system. Once we do, we'll send you a note to let you know.

Evolve Money's business model
I know a lot of you are curious about our business model. I've mentioned a bit of this before but ultimately we have a "special sauce" that lets us do this a lot cheaper than anyone else (our company focuses on innovation and the bill pay space needs A LOT of it). Today Evolve Money makes money on the same-day Express payments offered. In the coming months we'll be adding a few additional services that will also be financially beneficial for us and our customers. If you like the service and want to help us out then choose an Express provider when setting up your next bill. The bottom line is that paying your standard (non-Express) bills with a debit card or cash will ALWAYS be FREE.

Company rep
I see Marathon Man's post above. Honestly, I'm new to Flyer Talk and just created a standard account. Not sure what needs to happen for me to be set up as a company rep but if one of the moderators can let me know I'll provide whatever information is needed.

We are just starting to build out our social media presence so you should see/hear more from me or my colleagues soon. In the meantime keep the questions and comments coming. And I REALLY want to know what you think of the mobile browser/Android app or desktop solution. What don't you like? How can we make it faster and easier? Don't pull any punches - we want it straight so we can work on making it even better.
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