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A bit about Evolve Money

Hello - my name is Alex and I'm with Evolve Money. I wanted to introduce myself and give people on this forum a bit more information about Evolve Money, our philosophy and our goals. I spent some time chatting with TFF over at this morning and wanted to share with you a bit about why readers of his blog and this forum are so important to us.

Who Built Evolve Money
Evolve Money is a brand of PreCash Inc. PreCash has developed bill payment solutions for over 15 years, and serves over 3 million consumers every month while providing bill payment services to thousands of financial institutions and tens of thousands of retail establishments.

Why We Built Evolve Money
We believe that people deserve a better way to pay their bills - on their computer and their mobile phone. A way that is faster, more convenient and less expensive than banks and alternatives. You also deserve to choose how, when and with what you want to pay them. So we built Evolve Money to put control of how and when you pay your bills back in YOUR hands.

Methods of Payment
Evolve Money is for everyone. That's why we happily offer customers the opportunity to pay with cash (through Reloadit, Evolve Pay Bucks, more coming soon), debit cards (including rewards), prepaid debit cards and even those gift cards that are rattling around in a drawer in your kitchen. If you find a debit card with rewards and want to pay your gas bill or mortgage - go for it.

It sounds like people on this forum find Evolve Money very useful for paying all of their bills. All we ask is that you don't abuse the system by trying to "churn" money - it doesn't help us, the service providers and institutions we provide payments for. And most importantly, it doesn't help you. In the long run, all financial institutions are required to share information and these kind of activities can get you in hot water. Not to mention that there may be tax implications when paying into financial institutions. Keep it to paying your regular bills like mortgage, gas, water, electricity, car loan, insurance, cable, wireless, internet and others like that and you'll be fine.

Evolve Money is here to stay and our commitment to you is that we will offer you the ability to pay as many bills as we can (we are adding over 500 new ones soon) while providing you the choice to use as many payment methods as we can add. If you can pay it somewhere else we want to make sure you can pay it with us. Also, paying standard bills will continue to be free and you will always have the option of paying many of your bills on the same day for a fee. That's our model. Our "special sauce" allows us to deliver all these payments for a lot less than our competitors and banks so you can feel comfortable that we'll be sticking around.

What do we ask in return?
Simple - just let us know what you think. What you like and don't you like from Evolve Money. How can we improve it? Are we missing any bills you would like to pay? Just let us know on our feedback form here and we will do our best to provide you an even better service. Just please avoid abusing the system - pay your everyday bills with us.

Oh yeah - we'll have a lot to announce in the coming months including paying credit cards, payment scheduling, a redesign and a lot of new features. Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up with our announcements. We are at and @EvolveMoney on Twitter.

Feel free to post any questions and I'll try to answer them over the next few days.


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