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Man, where to begin!

I am sure this isn't over yet as we're only two hours into the flight, but I will just bullet point the actions of miss 12A on ATL-SFO Tuesday night feb 4th. Will do now before I forget some of this.

- last to get on plane with two hat boxes, 5 loose "special" hats, and a huge wicker basket as a carry on.

- starts demanding the FA's find room in first class for her hat boxes, that they have to be near her.

- sits down with massive wicker basket, FA says it's too big for under the seat, girl says it's always under the seat. (Remember this for later)

- an FA comes up with a sandwich that the pilot apparently bought for her, explains that she has low blood sugar and that the pilot was a doll for buying said sandwich

- then apologizes to coach cabin with the explanation that she is not used to flying coach

- then says to lady next to her that she has friends in corporate

- begins text messaging with the notification sound on, 10 or so dings a minute

- As we taxi to the runway she stops texting and makes a phone call where she just starts talking about random topics, right before she's told by multiple people to get off the phone, she says "I can't have a job where i work for someone, if I want to take a 6 hour lunch, then I am going to take it!"

- hangs up after being yelled at

- begins texting again. Alerts still on. On the runway now, texting while we take off, texts until loses signal

- lays low for 30 minutes and then takes shows and socks off and wedges feet in the magazine slot.

- decides wicker basket is too huge for under the seat, more or less shoves her way out of the middle seat and places said basket in the middle of the aisle and sits back down

- people ask, what are you doing? She replies? Do you have a problem! It's too big and I've set it out for the flight attendants to take care of

- FA comes after about 30 minutes of seatbelt light on, asks what the basket is doing in the aisle, girl says it's too big, FA says she said that on the ground. And that the girl must put the luggage under her seat. She fumes that it's too big, stands up on her seat, looks around, sees an empty seat behind her, slams the basket down in the seat behind her without saying anything to the people in the row.

That's where we are now. Photos and any more events To come!

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