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I was approved for the AA executive card with 60k/$5k bonus in late December, and closed the card after the bonus was applied in early January, and was refunded the AF. Today, I decided to ask if I could be upgraded to 100k/$200 SC if I reopened the card. The response I got was interesting, and may indicate that the card is indeed churnable. (I decided to reopen the card, since I won't be eligible for another Citi app until the end of February. I'll report back if they increased the spending requirement)

Thank you for using our Secure Messaging Center.

If I reopen your account it will go by the original date that card was opened for the spending requirements from when the account was opened.

You could just apply for the card online associated with this offer and once approved have the new start date for the spending requirements.

Please respond with how you would like us to handle this situation for you.

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