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Originally Posted by alex_b:22252990
Originally Posted by emcampbe View Post
I find this part quite interesting:

So one of the account holders got an email, with a simple resolution - all it took was providing an ID - presumably something that matches the address on file. And instead of saying - easy enough to do - they said screw it.
I don't, high value flyer decides who derives marginal benefit from UA decides that rather than jumping through hoops for a company that's already accused them of fraud, they'd take their business elsewhere. Plenty of people take decisions that might be marginally detrimental to them to punish a company that they believe hasn't behaved well.
Good point. However I think it's incumbent upon any person or entity accused of fraud under these circumstances to at least transmit a letter denying such. In that letter than I'd indicate my company will take biz elsewhere.
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