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Caught a couple on my recent CDG trip.

Couple in 2CD with lap child who seemed restless, but didn't bother me. What bothered me was how they decided to try to handle this. In their attempt to entertain/occupy their child, they started ripping up the Sky magazine and then left the child to do this. I guess this wouldn't particularly be that bothersome to me although it is wasteful and obnoxiously loud, but these folks decided they didn't need to clean up the giant mess they created. They left the aircraft in ORD and all the scraps right on the floor. Took all that was in me to not say, "I think you're forgetting something." I've worked in fast food and know how it is cleaning up after inconsiderate people. Aircraft cleaners aren't paid much and they shouldn't have to deal with this kind of nonsense. Oh yeah, in this image you can also observe a dirty snot rag they threw in the pile...really classy.

This was a little more comical to me. Dude in 1A found that this interesting pose was much more comfortable than, oh, I don't know, reclining the lie-flat seat...still trying to figure out how this was even remotely comfortable for this guy.
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