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I definitely think this is United's fault. They should not have let her stop and sit in an F seat. Why not stop in the first row of coach? I definitely think he deserves downgrade compensation or else the flight attendants should have made her move to the first row in coach I'm sure someone would have volunteered to switch with her its the same cabin.

I had a VERY similar situation on DEN-JFK. I booked a window seat and was super tired so i needed to sleep. A foreign lady basically refused to move and wanted to stick me in the middle seat. Yeah i cared, she was the one who didn't reserve a seat and waited, not me. She was just a bully trying to get something better than she had. I called the flight attendants who basically made her move and one of them and me both could speak to her in Spanish she just didn't want the middle seat. She was trying to play the i dont speak english card and had no physical problem or even an excuse except she didn't want the middle seat.
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