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Originally Posted by tag1084 View Post
I agree the OP should not be eligible for compensation. He chose to give up a FC seat voluntarily. But it's all relevant. Is the OP a frequent flyer in first class? If so than a few rows back on a short RJ flight isn't that big of a deal for him. Compared to what he thought the "backlash" could have been and missing a connection. I can honestly say I can't fault him for doing that. If he travels very frequently in F than to him it isn't worth the hassle.
OP is an over-entitled UA 1K who gets more than his fair share of free upgrades, even when traveling on other *A carrier he has no status on.

The bump from Y to F on a Q400 isn't worth a whole lot to me. For a Q400 flight that's less than an hour long, I probably would have declined a $10 TOD upgrade opportunity.

Incidentally, while the FAs did not specifically ask me to move (nor do I think it would be appropriate for an FA to appear to side with the other passenger by asking outright) his non-verbal expressions served to communicate to me "Get me out of this awkward situation."

And yes, if the same thing happened on my TCON, or, heaven forbid, EWR-HKG, you bet I'd be making a big stink.
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