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Originally Posted by ldsant View Post
OP - you did the right thing. Karma will reward you. For others who seem to have jumped to the conclusion that the woman who is disabled and who doesn't speak English as her first language, I would hope that you would have been as kind as the OP. Perhaps attitudes displayed here are why travel has become so "not fun" over the last few years.

As somebody who has been sick this last two years and has had to fly when sick I have always appreciated the displays of kindness e.g., I was in a middle seat and the person on the aisle offered me her seat so I could be more comfortable (I declined but it was the offer that was so appreciated and made an impact on me).

Instead of being outraged perhaps taking a moment and realizing that the OP did a nice thing should be the theme here. I say nice job OP! ^ You displayed kindness; a rarity these days.
I would consider giving up my seat to someone who asked me for it, prior to them just sitting down there, acting like they belong. The act of sitting there prior to asking implies that she feels entitled to it -- that's exacerbated by repeatedly ignoring the OP when he kindly suggested that she was sitting in the wrong seat.

I'm sorry...disabled or not, if you are looking for a swap and come to me with an entitled attitude you can take the seat that's printed on your boarding pass.
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