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Originally Posted by LilAbner View Post
As others have mentioned --- "BIG MISTAKE!"

Once you decided that capitulation would get your flight out sooner, you screwed up.
Are you telling me that we might have been able to get out of the gate sooner if I had insisted that either 1) I get my original assigned seat, in which case we'd have to spend additional time to either convince the passenger to move voluntarily, or arrange to have her forcefully removed; or if I had insisted that 2) My involuntary downgrade is properly reflected in the system and my new boarding pass, in which case I will have to be unloaded and reloaded, and a new manifest printed...

Remember, I care much more about making my connection than I do of sitting in UX "First" for this brief flight.

Originally Posted by RichardInSF View Post
That is not true. Would it trump paid F? How about paid A? How about a mileage upgrade? Then why not a good customer, like an elite upgraded to first. I'd be polite if it happened to me but I would insist on my assigned seat.
I'm only referring to the boarding order, not how important a customer is to the company.

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