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Originally Posted by Waitlisted View Post
Does the USB charge iPads as well as iPhones?
Originally Posted by WhIteSidE View Post
As discussed in another thread, the spec posted online indicates that it won't charge an iPad, but I haven't actually tried it.
Here's the relevant post from the other thread:

Originally Posted by Kermee View Post
"Up to three +5VDC outputs at .5 amps each for in-seat USB power applications." -- "Provides up to three USB 4.75-5.25VDC @ .5A each."

Looks like 2.5W ([email protected]) per USB port so if you wanted the faster charging (ie 10W), going to need to bring your iPhone/iPad/Android AC-USB adapter.

2.5W is half of the power that you get from an *iPhone* charger. You could plug in your iPad, but if you have the screen on, you'll be consuming power faster than you're replacing it. If you have the screen off, you'll get a very very very slow charge.

iPhone wall chargers (the little bricks about 1" cubed) are 5W.
iPad wall chargers (the larger bricks that are maybe 2" x 2" x 1") are 10W.

I would recommend if you want to charge either your phone or your iPad at any realistic pace, you bring your own wall charger and plug into the 110V plug. In a pinch, the USB plug will do for your phone, but it's not really realistic to recharge your iPad.
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