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Originally Posted by lonewolf210 View Post
O I know I am an 0-1 and it amazes me how much some of my friends blow money. I almost never carry a balance but it would be nice just in case of a major vehicle repair or something to have the option to carry one a month or two. Not to mention you could also get the prestige card with no annual fee which would be awesome

O also my dad's a financial adviser so I get talks about debt monthly if not weekly
Best advice is call Citi and ask them directly. I've never had a problem getting information regarding military/SCRA programs from any major lenders. They'll be able to tell you what's covered and what isn't, and make sure you meet whatever the criteria are so you don't get blindsided. It's at their discretion, because the SCRA -limits- interest and provides guidance to creditors for military members, it does not waive or remove fees/interest in and of itself. It also doesn't stop them from considering that debt you are carrying in risk assessments (duh).

Financial advice is good, but educating yourself is better. Do the due diligence, then reap the rewards. On a vaguely related note, you might skim through this blog,, he has some good info (and some useless chaff too) that you might find useful on general service benefits.
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