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Regarding the OP's question, I haven't dealt with this personally, but my understanding is that it is linked specifically to the SCRA which covers active duty (not including reservists unless deployed/AR). If you have the financial discipline to take advantage of those offers, then good on you. However, you'll be 1 in a million (E) or 1 in a thousand (O). You'd be impressed how often the O's squander their cash.
O I know I am an 0-1 and it amazes me how much some of my friends blow money. I almost never carry a balance but it would be nice just in case of a major vehicle repair or something to have the option to carry one a month or two. Not to mention you could also get the prestige card with no annual fee which would be awesome

O also my dad's a financial adviser so I get talks about debt monthly if not weekly
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