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Originally Posted by oyouno View Post
I don't have any exp with this Citibank promo but I also never carried a balance while I was in the military and I would suggest never carrying one.
This would just seem like a great way to get trapped into debt. I would say 75% of all my military friends and co-workers all were in tons of debt. NO clue how to money manage.

I did open a chase bank account that had a 300dollar bonus, and then got all fees removed from the account for being a veteran, but I guess chase didn't like that, and they closed my account without warning or reason a few months later.

The whole idea behind the free bonus money is they charge you monthly fees every month and you cannot close the account for at least 6 months so you end up paying 6months of fees , I avoided this though but I guess they didn't like that very much.
Quoted post is misleading, Chase doesn't have an issue with mil accounts that have received an opening bonus. Just have activity in your account.

Regarding the OP's question, I haven't dealt with this personally, but my understanding is that it is linked specifically to the SCRA which covers active duty (not including reservists unless deployed/AR). If you have the financial discipline to take advantage of those offers, then good on you. However, you'll be 1 in a million (E) or 1 in a thousand (O). You'd be impressed how often the O's squander their cash.
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