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In which situations can I expect a direct transfer in case of delay so that I can still reach my connecting flight?

We work with limited resources with our direct transfers (HON direct service and ramp direct service), which are distributed on a demand basis. It is difficult to make a binding statement when you can expect a direct transfer or not.
Generally the HON direct service has a fulfillment ratio of 99%. This means that in principle every HON will reach his connecting flight when the connecting time drops into the window between 20 and 45 minutes. In the very rare cases that we may have a shortage, HONs with a long-haul connection will have priority over HONs with a regional connecting flight, which may have alternative flights available within a short time span.
The regular Ramp Direct Service is similar. The trigger is a breach of the minimum connecting time and passengers are selected by a number of criteria. Besides an assessment of the chance to still reach the connecting flight, the number of passengers with an identical connecting flight, the elite status, and the factor if alternative options are available the same day play a role. Again here long-haul connecting flights have priority over regional flights.

Due to the night curfew in Frankfurt, often you don't wait for passengers on delayed connecting flights anymore. Wouldn't it be reasonable to offer a waiver to rebook onto earlier feeder flights when you have days with expected delays?

You are correct that late night departures from Frankfurt can no longer wait for connecting passengers, since the DFS continues to strictly implement the night-time curfew.
For feeders with a high frequency it is certainly advisable, as far as your time permits, to book an earlier feeder flight in order to have a buffer for any possible delays.
A standing waiver to allow the rebooking of passengers onto earlier flights doesn't exist. The night curfew is well known by now, and the customer decides to choose a certain connecting flight and the conditions of the ticket. Only if there is concrete danger of missing the connection the station may decide to rebook and waive the charges. In all other cases the original fare conditions of the ticket apply.

How are you dealing with the issues that arise with respect to Fraport: in the past you had regularly had shortages for example with deicing.

You are correct that there is room for improvement at Frankfurt Airport. Together with Fraport we have jointly developed a number of measures to address the problems: we want to become better together.
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