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Originally Posted by ENFO View Post
I'm sorry I didn't see your post in time. Were you able to locate an Air China desk in Changi?

If not, how did you do in PEK? If you are on the way to the Main immigration counters, the Air China service desk I went to was on the right hand (it is a freestanding counter in the middle of the very big arrival hall). From there you can see the rest of the arriving passengers on your left, from the direction from where you came, on their way to the Main Immigration. The immigration hall is somewhere in the general area behind the service counter. The International Transit counter is on the left side just before the Main Immigration counters. I think 1 hour 50 is quite doable since after you pass the xray the gates are very easy to find.

How was the Air China flight?
I meant to update this thread with my experience.

I was not able to get my Air China boarding pass at SIN. Their ticket counter was in another terminal at Changi, and the Singapore Air gate agent told me that they wouldn't be able to print it out anyway. She said I could try getting it on the internet, but no guarantees. I then went to the SQ Star Gold lounge (disappointing on many levels, they reserve their better lounge for their own premium cabin customers), but they had no printer, so I just "gave up" on having the CA boarding pass.

When I arrived at PEK, I had to walk to the main arrivals area and, as you said, there's this big free-standing counter manned by CA employees that prints boarding passes for connecting pax (everyone seemed to want CA boarding passes, but I think they could have done other airlines as well). At 7 am, though, there was a big line, and it was slow moving -- having a boarding pass in hand would definitely be better. Once we finally got one (half hour wait), the rest of the process was easy. There are booths to the left where Chinese immigration looks at passports for connecting pax, and that only took 5 to 10 minutes. They a quick security check, and we were back on our way to our connecting gate. The whole process probably took an hour. Sadly, with our inbound aircraft 15 minutes late, this was long enough to not have time for a lounge visit.

Our CA flight in coach was pretty darn mediocre to start, and then got worse. Obviously CA is a far cry from SQ service -- both in food, service and entertainment -- and I would only recommend flying them if they had the best schedule (which, for us, they did). Unfortunately, at the last minute, our JFK flight was diverted to BOS due to icing at JFK. A 5-hour delay on a 13 1/2 hour flight, and CA didn't do much to communicate what was going on (we just whipped out our cell phones in BOS to figure it out).
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