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Originally Posted by LoneTree View Post
I know the priority order is Sig, No CVM, than PIN per prior posts, but when i called Chase just now to set a PIN they kept insisting it would never be required. I told the CSR it's sometimes forced but she still insisted that's not possible and said it would go through as a cash advance anyway.
The cash advance line 100% false, and the transaction will post as a purchase. You would enter your cash advance PIN. However, it is worth noting that this will only work for unmanned kiosks that support online PIN verification. You'd still be out of luck using things like SNCF ticket kiosks that expect offline PIN verification where the PIN is stored on the chip.

I have used the cash advance PIN on my Chase Marriott Rewards Premier card to purchase tickets many times at unmanned ticket kiosks for Taiwan High Speed Rail. Every single transaction has posted as a purchase, and the machine will issue a standard credit card receipt on thermal paper. Furthermore, in the interest of US-based EMV card pseudoscience, I tried some incorrect PINs like 0000 and 1234, and the transaction failed each time. This implies the machines use online PIN verification. During my first trip to Taiwan in 2011, I didn't have any EMV cards, and the exact same ticket kiosks refused to accept my mag stripe only cards.

I agree with kebosabi's suggestion about posting YouTube videos to refute clueless CSRs, but we have to understand we are in the vast, vast minority of these cardholders. I would say 99.999% of cardholders don't know what CVM is.
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